Oracle Demantra Integration with EBS (E-Business Suite)

Integration between Oracle Demantra Demand Management and the E-Business Suite leverages Oracle Demantra Foundation functionality to the extent possible. Booking history, price list, currency, calendars, users, and items collected from the E-Business Suite applications are loaded into Oracle Demantra.

Oracle Demantra - Integration

Demantra implementation is pulling data from the ERP system to Demantra schema where demand planner can analyze the worksheets in the Demantra Collaborator workbench. We need to run data collection programs from the Demantra Demand Management System Administrator Responsibility to push sales data and the master data from EBS to Demantra staging tables. Data collection from the other ERP and legacy systems can be facilitated by Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) tool.

Oracle supports two types of configuration:

Single Instance: Single instance supports combination of E-business suit and oracle demantra release


Distributed Instance: In distributed instance E-business suit and Demantra are present in different instance


Data pulled from EBS (Source) instance to staging table and is downloaded into Demantra base table using standard Demantra workflow.
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