OBIA Procurement & Spend Analytic Module version

Procurement module of OBIA 7964 provides wide level of content for reporting on purchasing process related data. Procurement and Spend analytic module provides reporting capabilities on most of the required data for procure to pay cycle. This module allows users to analyse spend(direct/indirect), identify saving potentials, recognize supplier performance and assist in decision making to improve procurement performance.
OBIA Procurement - Oracle Demantra

This Oracle OBIA module has 4 dashboards under Procurement & Spend Analytics:

Spend Analyzer
Procurement Performance
Supplier Performance
Employee Expenses
Each of above dashboards contain various pages with overview and detailed reporting. These pages provide key metrics reporting around these areas for various level of business users like Procurement Manager, Purchasing Leads, Buyers, Sourcing Managers and AP Analysts.

Spend Analyzer:

Provides access to overall spend overview along with providing insight into spend by product category, by supplier, by Organization and Item level spend details. One can review direct and indirect spend by selecting specific product categories to segment the data. Oracle also supports reporting Spend using UNSPSC commodity category hierarchy. You can slice and dice to review Spend data at various levels using organization dimensions and their attributes like organization, business unit, cost center, buyer. Spend Analyzer dashboard also provides reporting on key metrics like Payable leakages, Invoice Price Variance, Avg invoice price, Saving Potentials, Off contract spend etc.

Procurement Performance:

Provides overview of how well procurement function in organization is performing along with detailed analysis on Purchase Order, Off contract purchase rates, Rejected amounts, On time received amount, Outstanding PO Amount, Metrics around Requisitions and various other key metrics. Content in this dashboard also enables users to analyse time trends, aging of requisitions and PO leakage.

Supplier Performance:

This dashboard allows buyers and purchasing managers to engage better with Suppliers by tracking their performance. The content under this dashboard allows users to do trending analysis, review exceptions, monitor quality, price and delivery performance, and understand payment performances. Buyers can quickly review top 20 performing suppliers using configurable supplier scorecard considering quality, delivery and pricing performance. One can also quickly identify which supplier's rejection amount is in Top 10 or which suppliers are delivering early or late.

While Oracle provides lot of metrics in reports and presentation layer for each of it's functional modules, any requirements to build additional metrics can be easily achieved by using or extending the logical and physical layer content.

As part of release Oracle has additionally build content around "Sourcing Analytics" which allows users to analyze the negotiations with suppliers, supplier's responses and eventual contract award decisions. The intend is to allow insight into saving potentials by leveraging information available around this process.
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