Oracle Demantra Interview Questions & Answers

1. Installation of the Demantra Base Application or Patches

 Create a C:/Tmp folder on the machine where the setup.exe will be executed prior to the installation as this will generate a log file to this folder

Note that there will also be some ancillary logs under the following folders:

 -Demand Planner\Database Objects\Oracle Server (Oracle back end database)

- Demand Planner\Database Objects\Microsoft SQL Server (Sql Server back end database)

Interview Questions - Demantra

2. Error starting the Web Server and/or deploying the Demantra WAR file

Review the Collaborator.log which is found under the ...Collaborator\demantra\logs folder on the webserver where Demantra is running.

Also, each individual webserver (ex. OAS, JRUN, Tomcat, Websphere, etc...) will have their own individual logs in various directories which can also be consulted.

The individual webserver documentation should be reviewed for these log locations.

3. Errors with the Demantra Batch or Simulation Engine

 The key engine logs are found under the root drive of the machine where the engine is launched. The folder that holds these logs usually have Engine2k somewhere in the name.

 Note that there should be at least Engine2k logs (these are the logs that show the actual splitting and forecasts that the engine does) in this folder.

However, to write the master EngineManager logs to this folder you need to go to the Engine Administrator (..Demand Planner\Analytical Engines\bin --> Settings --> Configure) and change the Engine Manager Log tab from STD to FILE.

It is NOT advised to re-register the engine after making this change

4. Stored Procedure Errors with Active_Proc_Dyn somewhere in the error message

To view the errors go to Business Modeler --> Tools --> Procedure Error Log

Note that this looks to the backend table called db_exception_log

5. Issues with EBS Integration to Demantra

 In general, most EBS side activities (ex. Planning Data Pull) can be logged using Note 245974.1 however, the Shipment and Bookings Collection job can have extra logging turned on by changing MSD_DEM: Debug Mode to Yes (default is No).

 Note that as the Shipment and Bookings Collection job moves to the other side of the wall from EBS side of the database to the Demantra side of the database (usually indicated by when you start seeing references to the Demantra schema or tables like t_src_items_tmpl or t_src_sales_tmpl_err) then the errors may need to be tracked using the Workflow or Active_Proc_Dyn troubleshooting sections of this note.
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